year three

Testing, testing… 1,2,3. Anybody out there? This new, movabletype powered format is different… yet, similar. It isn’t quite there yet — as I need to throw in some scripting, (php and javascript), and some other useless self-serving features; and, most importantly, I still have to fine tune it for all those shitty browsers. However, if you are using IE6 or Mozilla 0.9.8 or later (I need to upgrade) on a PC… then it will essentially stay as it is. I make no promises for all those other browsers, but, basically, if they support CSS-2 in a half-assed decent manner, then it should stay the same on those as well.

And don’t whine to me about the useless, eVil, FLASH header (I’m talking to you — you know who you are). Yes, it could have just as easily been a bunch of jpgs. No, it’s not finished.

On the plus side, I can display a mailto: link in the header without fear of email harvesting spam bots from hell. As far as I know, there aren’t any email harvesters that can read Flash files. If there are, then damn… tell me, cause that’s some cool technology!

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