A few E3 links

Using booth-babes to sell video games is lame (warning: automatic browser resize). Very lame. Tecmo was the most blatant.

IGN’s best of E3 for PS2, GameCube, and XBox. I don’t particularly agree with their picks, though I will give them full support for the ‘best PS2 first-person shooter’ category. TimeSplitters 2 was, in my opinion, one of the best “quiet” games on show.

GameSpot has also released their Best of E3 list. I tend to agree with this one more than IGN’s. Maybe that’s why I mostly visit GameSpot, and rarely IGN.

More updating: Gamers.com Top 10 List. It’s interesting seeing the variety of picks the different gaming sites have made. However, one thing is consistent: Metroid Prime, Doom III, and (to a slightly more mixed reaction) Zelda stole the show.

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