Dawn of a Collection

I’ve been meaning to start building a DVD Collection for about a year now. I just never got around to it. There have been many reasons for it, but it mostly boils down to three key ones. Firstly, I’m cheap and lazy. Secondly, I’ve always wanted to start my collection with a key, all-time favourite movie that I would be proud of. It’s some sort of self-satisfying ego, or something. A lot of those key titles tend to be available within boxed sets. The problem there is that they are either way too expensive, unfinished (particularly when dealing with boxed sets of tv shows), or they just haven’t been released yet — and might never be (I want a Babylon 5 boxed set, damnit.)

So I had my chance to finally start it two days ago. I searched and searched for the perfect title, but couldn’t find anything. The Kubrick Collection — too expensive. The Monty Python Flying Circus Boxed Set — broken up into too many smaller, expensive packages. If I want to get it, I want to get all the episodes in one fell swoop (the full set is available on Amazon). Regardless, the good news is that the Comedy Network brings the Flying Circus back to tv on Monday. It’s been a while since that’s been shown on tv around here. I looked for other titles: Thin Red Line, sold out; 2001, sold out; 12 Monkeys, sold out. And then I saw it…

I settled on the Memento Limited Edition, two CD, nicely packaged, collector’s version thing. It’s a movie I enjoy, and the extra stuff (especially the packaging) make it a good pick. However, Memento highlights the last of my three reasons for not getting DVDs. I’m hesitant to buy a DVD because, for all I know, in a month’s time there will be a Special Edition. I’m hesitant to buy the Special Edition because there’ll be a Collector’s Limited Edition. And I’m hesitant to buy that because there’ll eventually be a “Super Duper Jam Packed with Useless Extras” Edition.

Why would you want to buy the Star Trek: The Next Generation movie set when you know that a new ST:TNG movie will soon be released? By the time that movie is released on DVD, your old set will have become obsolete as the new “complete” set is released. It’s ridiculous. At least with the Kubrick Collection, you know that there won’t be any new additions — on account of that whole death thing.

Lidstrom as NHL Playoff MVP? Wha?! He was good and all, but damnit, Yzerman deserved it so much more. Even Hasek was more deserving of it… and I say this despite absolutely hating him. Or Chelios? Only one point less than Lidstrom, but a plus minus of +15 compared to Lidstrom’s +6. Blah.

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