Vanilla Scribe

The convenience store near work finally got a shipment of Vanilla Coke. I think I’ll stick with the regular Coke. Vanilla Coke has this thicker, molasses kind of taste that just doesn’t go down easily. The actual taste isn’t that bad, but it isn’t something that you can chug down when you’re thirsty. It doesn’t have that level of refreshment a Coke Classic can give you after staring at Actionscript and stupidly ugly ASP for hours on end. Coke and code go together perfectly.

I do believe that I linked to it before, but bsimple has some really fascinating photography.

TDCanadaTrust has decided to give me a second Visa card. Convenient, in a financially masochistic kind of way. I tried, unsuccesfully, to increase my GM Visa card’s credit limit before I went off to LA. They denied me because, under their records, I was still a “student” and because I wasn’t a full-time employee for at least a year (was mostly contract). For those reasons, they wouldn’t let me go above and beyond the standard student limit of $1000. So then, out of the blue, I get a call saying I’m pre-approved for a TDGreen Visa — with a much larger credit limit. I don’t have to worry about the hassles of getting a credit limit increase now, which is good; but now, for the time being, I have two credit cards with which to buy stupid useless shit — this is very bad.

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