I got Medal of Honor: Frontline on Friday (I thought it was supposed to come out on D-Day?) and that’s been taking up my whole weekend. It’s a good shooter and I’ll try to write something about it when I finish it.

Rest and relaxation is good. With work, E3, and the whole travelling to LA thing, I’ve been relatively tired lately. With that, I did absolutely nothing during the weekend to compensate. Granted, that isn’t much different than what I usually do on my weekends… but I did it with a stronger emphasis on sleep than normal. So there.

I still have so much to write about E3, my time in LA, and various other things. Yet, whenever I sit in front of the computer to type it out, I draw a blank. Nothing comes out properly. I get plenty of ideas, but when I try to transfer what’s in my head to paper or computer, something gets lost in the translation. I need a voice recorder. The mind to voice route is much more direct and with less overhead.

On the other hand, I will still need to transcribe that audio recording anyway. Shit. That doesn’t really make things any easier. I can’t wait until cybernetic mind-to-computer interfaces are built — I’ll be first in line for an implant.

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