Mozilla 1.1b has just been released. The timing is perfect as I’ve just today decided to make the switch (no, not that switch) from IE6 to Mozilla full time. There are a few issues. Speed, for example, is a bit of an issue with Mozilla. It renders fine, it’s just the loading of the browser and the javascript performance that are at issue. Similarly, losing the embeded nature of IE is a bit of a pain when developing site layouts in EditPlus (as it has an integrated browser), but those are only minor sacrifices. Besides, some certain combinations of html/flash/javascript seem to cause a memory leak or something in IE6 for me. It doesn’t crash, and I’m not sure what piece of code it is that triggers it, but when it does happen my computer seems to run out of memory and performs extremely slow. It happens once or twice a day, depending on how much I browser, and everytime it requires an immediate reboot. Mozilla should fix that unknown Microsoftian error.

Now if I could only switch from Outlook.

A Giant Squid has been found. Not certain whether it’s THE giant squid species, or just a sub-species of it — but it’s still fascinating to see that something that large has lived undetected for so long. Makes you wonder what else is out there under the oceans.

[PS. Type about:Mozilla in the address bar in Mozilla. Also does something, but not much, in IE.]

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