Antiquated streams

After more than two years, I was surprised to find that my old live365 radio stream is still up and running! It’s not up to speed, as it’s got a lot of old tracks, and various songs that I haven’t heard in a long time (thanks to a sister-induced viral infection killing off my mp3 collection. It was for the best, though.)

Unfortunately, thanks to the RIAA & CARP, it looks like it will be off-the-air permanently at the end of the month… unless I choose to pay the royalty fees. Fuck that. Why should I pay royalty fees for the “artists” if very little of the money actually goes to the “artists?” Worse yet, why should I pay these royalties to RIAA members if the majority of the music on my stream belongs to publishers and labels that aren’t part of the RIAA?

I contemplated getting a paid service to host a stream, such as these guys. Then I realized: I already have an expensive hobby. One that entertains me more. Video games. Besides, why bother going through all the hassle of creating a mp3 stream when you can just create a private little ftp server. Such a thing is much more versatile, if you catch my drift.

Anyway, thanks to that hobby, I completely wasted away Canada Day with a lot of point and clicking. Luckily, it was all under air conditioned goodness, so I avoided the whole wrist sticking to wood thanks to the humidity symptom (all that wood-to-arm contact thanks to a mouse-pad-less optical mouse.) I might be months late, as I have a general aversion for PC games, but I can now say: “Civilization III is annoyingly addictive”.

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