My new toy

Cubik camera
My new toy, with a keychain and a twoonie for size comparison.

Yes, it’s rather small… but it does take (low-fi) megapixel shots (1280res), it does take (limited) video, and it can be used as a (mini) web-cam. All in a package that fits nicely into a shirt pocket!

Cubik camera
Upright view.

The trick, so far, has been figuring out what the limited options on the camera do. The easiest part was figuring out what the ‘Hr’ and ‘Lr’ modes stand for — high resolution and low-resolution, respectively — but the CL, CA, St, and Ct haven’t been quite so clear. What about the manual?

The manual doesn’t help much.

What about the website? Nope, doesn’t help much either. Anyway, quick perusal of the che-ez website will show a number of other interesting products. The best page is the one for the ‘Babe’.

The digital camera operation and picture edit are very easy as you just clicked according to procedure in the choices of the attached software!!! YES.

Anyway, here’s a couple Cubik samples taken when driving to work:

Sample image one.
Sample 1.
Sample image one.
Modal image