Pilgrims and murderers

I am 95% certain that I went to the same elementary school (and high school, to a degree) as this guy. I didn’t know him personally, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, in fact, it is him and he is guily. Here’s a thought: I was nearly in a fight with that guy in grade seven or thereabouts. Now that’s something to think about: “I was almost in a fight with a future murderer.” Oh wait, sorry… “suspected” murderer.

I think that’s just the beginning of a future school reunion’s “where are they now” segment. Not that I’d actually attend such a reunion. Hah. I want to stay as far as possible from at least 95% of that school’s alumni. But it’s always nice to know how people failed.

Odd. I’m currently the number one search result (out of 15249) at msn.ca for “vanilla coke.” I’m ranked higher than vanilla.coke.com. Score!

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