About bloody time

Yes. Yes! Yes! I was starting to think that it might never see the light of day, but they are finally, finally going to release Season One of Babylon 5 on DVD this November. This makes my day!

After much delay, I finally snagged Wipeout Fusion. While I admit that it doesn’t add anything new to the series as it relies on the established futuristic hover-car formula (if there is such a thing), it’s still a quick paced, fun, and easy to get into game. The few reviews that I have seen of it were all quick to point out the steep learning curve and difficulty of the game. Maybe the reviewers are just inept, or maybe I’m actually good, but I’m finding it relatively easy so far. Regardless, if futuristic anti-gravity racing games are your thing, then it should hold you over until Quantum Redshift, which is looking really good thus far. (I was going to post a 2MB exclusive video of it, but my space and bandwidth is limited, so whatever).

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