Perseid or bust

Geek license plate sighting of the day: A JEDI.

So I drove up north and sat down at some quiet place by Lake Simcoe. I sat there and watched the sunset. It was the kind of colourful, misty kind of dusk that made me wish I had my camera back. The sky slowly turned black and the first stars started to show up. I just lied there on the grass, waiting for the first signs of the Perseid meteor shower to come. It was quiet, uneventful, solitary, and so damned relaxing.

Some of the comfort was quickly taken away, however, when the mosquitoes decided to declare my body an open buffet. I don’t know what the hell mosquitoes find so appealing about me, but whatever it is, it surely doesn’t work on people.

The sky clouded over before the Perseids peaked, after seeing only half a dozen shooting stars, so I headed off. On the way back, I saw some hitch-hikers and decided to myself: “what the fuck, I’ll give ’em a ride. It’s late anyway.” (the fact that it was a pair of girls had nothing to do with it, really.) One of the girls walked up to the car and I asked: “where you heading?”

She looked around a bit and started: “We’re heading –, ” she paused, had a second thought, and concluded with: “actually, it’s ok. We’re fine.”

I think she thought I was a serial killer or something. It wouldn’t be the first time I have given someone that kind of impression, nor, most likely, will it ever be the last. I’d like to claim that I’m heading to some conclusion with all this, but I didn’t actually plan that far ahead. So basically: bugs think I’m a buffet, people think I want to kill them. The end.

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