spam spam eggs and spam

oh, hey. Feeling pretty mellow.

I’ve noticed an upswing in the amounts of spam coming into my mailbox over the last month, the majority of which seems to come during late night and early morning hours. And while the majority of it is deleted instantly, one unsolicited piece of mail was good — my webhost contacting all it’s customers to say that accounts have been upgraded. Good news. Now I have an extra 50MB of space (on top of the 25MB they silently added a couple of months ago), newer versions of stat and management software, and still the same price — about $8 per month. yay.

Two days ago, while wandering around Queen St., I purchased exactly one magazine, one book, one CD, one DVD, and one game. It’s an inane thing that I didn’t notice until tonight. Anyway, the game, Dynasty Tactics, I have not played yet — but it adds a much needed strategy element to the library.

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