take it for a spin

Nice art.

With Java enabled phones on the horizon, like this Sony Ericsson P800 — which I would like to get the second it’s available anywhere in the world — we can start expecting to see some innovative phone-based applications made by wily java developers. A gameboy emulator being tops on that list.

My problem with getting a fucking cool phone like that is that, beyond the bells and whistles, it’s still just a phone. I already have a phone. It has a few features, but mostly it just sits there. Charging. Charging. Charging. Rarely used. No one to call, and no one calling me — except wrong numbers, and stores telling me my pre-orders have come in.

My phone serves as a reminder of other things, rather than a phone. Why spend hundreds of dollars on the same thing for the extra benefit of a few games and apps? If I want games, I’d get a GameBoy. It’d be cheaper, too.

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