Weekend Update

BD4D: Toronto was today, and while I didn’t find any of the presentations mind-blowing or innovative, they were, at the least, well done. The best piece, in my opinion, was one from the BD4D archives: Mauro Gatti’s.

The best news in a couple months came last monday in the form of a new camera. I brought my camera in on the Second of August because a speck kept showing up on all my pictures, even after I thoroughly cleaned the lens. Curious as to the status of said camera, especially after seven weeks, I went in to Futureshop to ask them: “wtf??” Apparently, there WAS a defect in the camera and they had to replace a part. That part alone cost nearly the full price of the camera, not counting labour (I’m safely assuming it WAS the lens.) However, problem was, they did not have the camera back yet. So, long story short, they gave me a brand new model: the F601Z as opposed to my older 6800Z!

While I like the fact that the F601Z is smaller and lighter than the 6800Z, I still maintain that the UI and the exterior for the 6800Z is better designed. A minor nit-pick, I guess, but it’s definitely noticeable. Picture quality is virtually identical.

This whole affair made me realize two things: 1) on expensive high-tech things, ALWAYS get the extended warranty (best hundred bucks I ever spent); 2) FutureShop++.

Spirited Away was good. See it if you can.

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