Welcome September

This Exif Image Viewer is a handy little application if you have to manage hundreds of digital photos. Yes, there is already a handful of such viewers out there (I have three installed on my computer as it is), but there are some nice features and details available in this one. Even better, the whole thing is only 469kb… so there’s no reason for you to not try it (if you’re on a PC.) [via milov]

After listening to all this computer music for so long, I’ve been hit by the rock bug. No bips and bleeps and synths and static — just some basic guitar, bass, and drums. As such, “Songs for the Deaf” by the Queens of the Stone Age couldn’t have come out at a better time. It’s a completely solid and varied album… and at a low $14 CDN sticker price (including the bundled DVD!), it’s a better deal than those damned $25-30 industrial back-ordered hard-to-find import CDs.

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