why I don’t watch tv: reason #457

I caught my first show of the new fall season today: Firefly (with it’s own weblog). Being a person with a certain sci-fi tilt, I was hoping that it would, at the very least, have some original concepts and ideas, if not an actual interesting storyline, or a decent plot, or quality writing, or good actors, etc etc. Boy was I wrong. What utter crap!

It can be described as a very slow paced Western with space ships. Fuck, I don’t even know why this whole sci-fi theme is there in the first place, as it adds completely nothing to the show. Maybe I’m just missing something. Maybe in the distant future, the whole western motif is in style. Maybe people got sick of synthetic materials, proper buildings, and wireless communication and decided to go for that rustic woody feeling. I don’t know, but at least they still have prostitutes — so Fox won’t be completely disappointed.

I can’t help but be reminded of a former Fox Friday Night fatality — The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. It didn’t last that long, but it executed that which Firefly tries to do a hundred times better (minus the space ships, though it did have Orbs). My memories of Brisco County are vague, and while I won’t claim that it was a great show, it was surely more fun to watch than this shit.

Oh yeah, and I’m testing stuff [comments].

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