Animal Mafia

Got Animal Crossing yesterday, making me the third person in the office with a copy — and possibly not the last. I’m sure that there is going to be plenty of trading to be had.

I have to hand it to Nintendo, as they know how to milk an idea dry. To get the full Animal Crossing experience, you have to get the game; get a GameBoy and a link cable; get an e-Reader for said Gameboy; collect all the different e-Reader Animal Crossing cards; AND get a few people to trade with and visit. So while the game itself might be only $70, the full experience will cost you well over $200. Suddenly, Steel Battalion — with it’s ultra massive controller — doesn’t seem quite as unjustifiable.

Anyway, with a “communication” game like Animal Crossing, you’re bound to have many sites like Animal Mafia show up.

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