I was surfing around pricing some cars I like today, trying to see what I can get for about 300-350 per month — and more or less getting what I was expecting. No real problems there. Then I went to insurance hotline to get a sense for what the insurance rates would be… fucking hell!

The best quotes that I managed to get were all just a little less per month than what I would actually pay for the car. The best quote was about $2800 per year. Twenty-eight-fucking-hundred-dollars! God fucking damn you, you stupid 16-25 year old male wankers with your fucking neon Civics and uv lights and retarded noise makers on your exhausts. You are the reason why my rates are so bloody high. I hate my fucking age demographic.

What pisses me off more is that when, on a whim, I decided to change ‘male’ to ‘female’ — the insurance rate magically lost a THOUSAND dollars.

Looks like I’m going to remain car-less for a while longer… and yes, I am quite bitter about it.

“Hikikomori” is a term I should get myself acquainted with. I imagine that you can say that I suffer from a lesser version of it.

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