Ice City

Interesting article about Vice City in the Times, though I don’t quite understand why it’s in the Fashion and Style section… ?

Things are looking rather bleak in Leaf-land right now, and while I’d normally be either really upset, or frustratingly annoyed, I find myself not caring too much because one of my teams is doing pretty good: my sportingnews salary cap fantasy team. Not only have I been number one in my division for nearly two weeks straight now, I’m also in the top 1% overall. I’ve always had bad luck with fantasy leagues and pools, so some success is welcome. Even if the prizes are shitty. Besides, it’s all about the pride and not the prizes. Really.

I don’t know if you’ve encountered them yet, but these MSN8 The Tick Flash ads (because the ‘moth-man’ in the ad looks like him) are the most gaudy and ridiculously annoying abuse of web advertising that I’ve seen in a long while.

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