Oh shit yeah, if you link Metroid Fusion with Metroid Prime using the GBA link cable, you can play the original Metroid. The GC Zelda is also supposed to have link functionality with the GBA remake of Link to the Past, but what that functionality will be has been kept quiet so far. It wouldn’t be too crazy to assume that the original NES Zelda will be available. With all this, and the NES games in Animal Crossing, and with Contra — I’m going to get all sappy and nostalgic over the next couple of months.

Maybe the industry is just running out of ideas. This season seems packed with remakes, rehashes and returns of classic series’. It seems kind of brilliant, though — Nintendo’s recent releases of old time NES games (either through the e-Reader or in Animal Crossing) gives them a reason to be tough on emulation. You can’t argue that Nintendo isn’t making any money on Excitebike anymore, because they are. Sure, it’s not much as Excitebike has been reduced to a collectible card — but it all adds up.

The Metroid news puts a greater noose on my want for a GBA. I was about to order a black, back-light pre-installed GBA over a week ago, but Paypal — the only way to order — has some odd policy for international accounts and I have been forced to wait. Time is now running short, so I might just have to go for the normal hard-to-see version.

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