I don’t know if you’ve tried using SoulSeek as your post-Napster file sharing utility yet, but if you haven’t, then do so now. I hesitated a long time before giving it a shot, and now I regret that I didn’t bother earlier. I haven’t had this much success downloading rare, hard to find albums since the zenith of the Napster era.

While my musical wanderings stagnated for the last year, they are finally back in full swing. I don’t have to rely on guess album purchase at the store anymore, for now I can discover new artists, albums, and genres under the safe comfort of the trial mp3. In two days, I have already learned that: Covenant’s new album is not worth it, as only a couple of songs are good (though “Call The Ships To Port” is really good); the quite-some-times-ago collaboration between Synapscape and Imminent that I’ve heard so much about, but never actually heard, is definitely worth buying (if it can be found); Feindflug’s new album is more of the same, which is good albeit less exciting than I would have liked; and I’ve never really heard much of Somatic Responses, or Vromb, but I should. Hooray for file sharing.

I don’t know what drives those crazy Lego enthusiasts, but they do tend to build a number of interesting recreations: the bath house from Spirited Away, Escher’s “Ascending and Descending,” “Balcony,” and others, and, finally, Star Wars.

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