boycott this *gestures*

I recently told myself that I would not buy any more games this year. I have spent way too much money in the last couple of weeks, and am in need of a cut-back. I have enough to hold me over through December, and this abstinence will give me time to actually finish what I already have. Vice City sits unfinished; I haven’t unlocked level 5 in Contra: SS; I have two XBox games that I haven’t even touched yet; and Time Splitters 2 is woefully incomplete. It’s time to fix all that.

Then I realized that this coming week is the Fairplay “Don’t buy a game for a week” boycott. I now feel the urge to buy a game out of spite. What a stupid idea.

Update. This is an interesting article about this very topic: Stickershock: The History of Video Game Prices.

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