If you read this, you will die… eventually

Caught The Ring, and I thought it was thoroughly OK. Nothing worth raving about, but it did have certain nice aesthetics, and appropriately matching sounds, that gave it a decent sense of foreboding. The best part, by far, was the actual death video, and the way the imagery from it came to play throughtout the whole movie. It had a bit of a music video montage feel to it — it felt like parts of it were taken from Nine Inch Nails and Skinny Puppy videos — but it worked.

Based on that, here’s some insight into the effects in The Ring (WARNING: somewhat spoiler-packed), which were done by Method. Wow, looking at their portfolio, they’ve done a ton of work — and a lot of it is instantly recognizable.

Why Religion Doesn’t Matter — aka. “Trolling for religious defenders” (not that I disagree).

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