snow under sodium light

On days like this, I feel embarassed to be a driver in the Toronto area. This most obviously means that today is the first real snowfall of the season; and this most definitely means that people are driving like complete idiots. Yes, that’s snow on the ground: Welcome to Canada. It tends to snow here in the winter, and sometimes more than once. Get used to it. Adjust to it. If you are going to forget that snow is slippery ever year, then do us all a favour and take the bus.

During a very quick ten minute drive today, I saw two small fender-benders, two cars spin-out, two cars completely overshoot their turns (and then reversing, in traffic, to make them), and a number of cars unnecessarily going 15kph in a 50 zone (often times, in the left lane… fuckers.) The worst was a car full of teenaged males — the same kind that you see racing and weaving through traffic on a normal night — going about a third of the speed limit, being more of a road hazard by being careful than they are when they’re being reckless. They looked seriously panicked in their car. heh. If you are going to be scared by a little bit of snow, stay the fuck indoors.

I’m just bitter, but this time I have an excuse for it. I have been miserably sick for the last few days. I was incapacitated by an immensely irritating head cold. My left eye was crimson red and sensitive as hell. The slightest light source would cause my eye to water profusely, blurring my vision. About all I could do was listen to music, as the light from the tv and computer screens proved to be extra aggrivating. I couldn’t look at anything illuminated for more than a couple minutes, if that. I even had trouble falling asleep because the lcd clock on my CD player was borderline “bright.” It was a pain. Luckily, the weather was a constant gray, so I never did have to deal with that whole sunlight thing.

Since one of my favourite web comics seems to be completely dead in the water and another one on “temporary hiatus”, I’ve been forced to find some new ones. I like Boy on a Stick and Slither.

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