The Big Deal™

Looking around the homestead, I can conclude that we are either: a) being infested by a swarm of mutant boxes; or, b) getting ready for The Big Move™. As of this Sunday, The Big Bank™ will officially own the house that we will be living in. I, personally, will have a stake in the basement. The space will be some three to four times larger than what current room, which is already of a decent size. I can’t confirm this supposed claim, as I haven’t even seen the bloody place yet — which, considering that I’m going to be living there, is a bit awkward — but the preliminary reports look good.

I will, technically, still be living under the same roof as my parents, but the arrangement will be completely different. I will have the whole basement space, a spot on the driveway, a seperate entrance, and a private washroom… with a Jacuzzi! The only thing missing is the kitchen, and knowing my lack of kitchen-related skills, that hardly registers as a loss. I’m so bad, that the only thing that I can “cook” without fucking up is boiled water. Literally.

Additionally, I will be paying “rent.” Though I think the proper term would be the “giving money every month so that the parents get off my back, and never use the ‘under our roof’ excuse” fee. Can’t complain, though. Won’t have to pay hydro, will be able to get free food (even cooked food), and I get way more space than the same amount of money would afford me in The Big City™ Granted, the location (Clarkson) is a bit of a bitch, as I will now be further from said city than before, and I will have to find a new way to commute downtown (probably GO train), but the price is right. The extra travel requirements might be enough to force my lazy ass into making a car purchase. [this is good.]

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