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If I see another Flash-based “page-turning” book navigation for a site, I will be forced to find these designers and beat them over the head with actual books. These interfaces might work with physical books, where you can flip through the pages and quickly browse through the text — but they absolutely do not work with a mouse, with slow page transitions, and with no way to flip ahead quickly. I’d link to a few examples, but I hate them so much I don’t want to give them any — albeit, very little — exposure.

There be some giant, full-screen panoramas here.

I had a bit of free-time…

While I agree that the future of gaming will, in some way, require auto-generative content (in the loose definition of ‘content’); I think that it will detract from the narrative potential of the medium. If you leave content-creation to the users; if you let the players make their own stories; if you let the gamer dictate the pace of a story, then you are going to be left with a lot of shit. Now, by no means do I think that narrative is a required element for a good game. I don’t play Scrabble and expect a story to emerge. Similarly, for ‘god-games’ like SimCity, I think that an auto-generative, self-modifying environment would be a wonderous thing. It’s just that for games where there is a goal and a purpose, beyond just being a test of skill or a competition against other players (real of simulated), I can’t see it being that useful (unless it is really advanced and super-smart.) You can’t expect a randomizer and a fractal-generator to create an intriguing narrative with an appropriate setting like a good storyteller can.

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