Bah Humbug

I never liked the holidays for a number of reasons that I don’t care to get into. The only redeeming aspect is the arrival of Annual Gift Man, but even that has lost its appeal. Yeah, the spirit of giving is what’s important at this time of the year… but the spirit of a bitter loner is the dominant one now. Let’s just say that this year’s stash is timely: a DVD of se7en and a punching bag. That bag’s going to regret being unwrapped.

The other gift, a scented candle, doesn’t seem quite as useful yet.

I should be sleeping this mood off but, evidently, I have a lot on my mind. Additionally, I find myself being highly annoyed by people that don’t specify a background color for their sites under the assumption that all browsers default to white. They don’t. What I find surprising is how long such “errors” go without detection — especially when they use gifs that were also built with the assumption of a white background (which makes them look really bad) — because such ugliness cannot be intentional. is the worst in this regard. These are the things that keep me up at night.

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