browser refresh

My browsing experience feels completely refreshed, as all three of my browsers have been recently updated: Mozilla 1.2.1; Phoenix 0.5; and Internet Explorer 6 SP1. I can’t find a confirmation of it, but IE6SP1 supposedly removed the ability to resize full screen pages. This means that there will be no more chromeless windows, thank god. Also, the new version of Outlook Express comes with the ability to view ALL messages in plain text. I’m quite sure that this feature wasn’t there before (or, at least, the last time I use OE.) So, with that, normal Outlook is going to the dust-bin, and Express is taking over.

An interesting screen shot from Sim City 4. There’s some sort of New York Toronto hybrid thing going on. Sim City 4 looks good, and I’ve enjoyed some of the older Sim Cities — starting with the SNES version (I remember being so proud getting that 500,000 population city built) — but with my laptop’s crappy video card, I’m probably going to miss out on 4. Too bad.

And now I’m off to make me a pixel tee.

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