On the surface, the site changes are minor. Underneath, the mark-up is drastically improved: I’ve removed a lot of superfluous html; improved semantic structure; cleaned up the style sheet; started using header tags properly; removed all instances of the img tag (except when actually displaying inline images — no more dividing lines and such); and, added a number of links to enable the Mozilla site navigation bar. It’s a useful feature. If you are viewing individual entries, you can navigate through them all using the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons. Amongst other things.

Also, in Mozilla, you can change the stylesheet by going to View -> Use Style. The alternate ‘biggie’ style is there for testing purposes only, but I’ll clean it up for use later. A javascript style switcher is on the way too.

There is a slight issue with Mozilla, though. It seems to cache the randomized header image on load, even if the image forcefully sends “no cache” headers. I’ve tried a few things, and will have to look into it a bit more first, but I’m pretty sure that it’s a bug on Mozilla’s side, not mine. Looks like I might be reporting my first bug. How exciting. Or not.

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