Fission Mailed

Here is the most interesting and supported analysis of Metal Gear Solid 2’s story line that I’ve seen. It’s extra fascinating to me as it deals with topics that I have grown an appreciation for lately: emergence, artifical life, and evolution. Strangely, I purchased one of the books cited five days ago (The Selfish Gene). It’s just nice to see a review of MGS2’s story that doesn’t consist of “wtf!?!?” and “Raiden sucks!!”

Things have been very busy lately, so I haven’t been doing much in terms of what I normally try to do. I’m slowly, but enjoyably, pacing through Metroid Prime, but I haven’t even touched Splinter Cell yet — which I’ve had for two weeks now. I wish I could sit down and relax for a day or two, but with the impending move, along with everything else, I have no time for that. And when things might seem to settle, the holidays will hit… bah humbug. I hate this time of the year.

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