In Soviet Russia, GameBoy plays YOU.

Why Nintendo Won’t Grow Up — from Wired.

I finally got my newest toy: it’s jet black, back-lit, and equipped with Metroid Fusion.

Bright screen, dark room.

Similarly, the GBA has brought new life to some of my old, dusty GameBoy games. My Tetris might be broken, but Golf — one of my favourites — is still going strong; even the battery-pack is holding up. It still has my high scores from a decade ago. I remember playing this game on a coach bus in Cancun during the summer before grade eight. Ahh, memories.

I’ve noticed a growing trend of “In Soviet Russia…” cliches lately. I don’t know what this Yakov Smirnov revival is attributed to, and I don’t want to know, but it’s highly unsettling.

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