The little weblog that could

I jumped on this newfagled blog thing exactly three years ago. The year was 1999 and the world was a wholly different place. There was no Vanilla Coke; the file sharing craze was exposing the masses to the wonderful world of piracy; and dot coms were getting millions of dollars in investment capital for absolutely nothing. That year was my first year online and, really, my first year with a decent computer (the old 486 doesn’t count). The int0rweb was this new and exciting frontier that I was still trying to figure out. Then along came Blogger and I jumped onboard.

No HTML experience was required to get something up, and, frankly, it showed. I’ll admit it: not only was the code inherently bad, but the visual presentation of it was horribly awful. For that matter, the writing was attrocious too (not that its much better now!) I didn’t give a damn, so I kept on plodding… for three years.

My first account was deleted long ago, so those first couple months of posts are gone to the great beyond of the web. Fortunately, this is a good thing as my mood back then was significantly less than desirable. Anyway, disregarding the missing month, I’ve learned a lot since I started.

The crappy look of the initial page led me to learn HTML and CSS. Laziness about manually updating certain elements led me to learn PHP. Using that knowledge, I volunteered for a UofT web thing. That got me some minor freelance work for which one project required MySQL knowledge — so I started to learn that. The next logical progression was Flash, that eventually led me to my current job. I eventually got sick of Flash and I currently am interested in the “semantic web” — and trying to apply aspects of that into the various things I do. All this thanks to a stupid little weblog that never did get much traffic.

Who needs school when you have a weblog?

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