All hype, no product.

You do learn something new everyday. Apparently, in Canada, it is illegal for non-cola (and non-coffee/tea related) soft drinks to have caffeine. Basically all citrusy, clear pops — like Mountain Dew — fall into this category. So, while Mountain Dew might have a massive load of caffeine south of the board border; in Canada, it is absolutely caffeine free. That, right there, is even less incentive to drink Mountain Dew (if that were possible).

I don’t know what to think of this “Phantom” console, but I have a good suspicion that this console will turn into a phantom of the vaporware variety. More powerful than current consoles? Show me some stats to prove it. 32 thousand kajillion supported games? Name one! What’s the price? Name one “Phantom” developer? How do you plan to support this massive broadband architecture? Are you a hoax? If you are going to revolutionize the gaming industry, why haven’t I heard of your (badly named) company before? Why does your website suck so many balls? Why oh why??

My first thought upon seeing this was: elaborate hoax. If, somehow, it isn’t — then I would imagine that the “Phantom” will be nothing more than a modern PC in a console shell (and no, the XBox isn’t like that). Full of all the PC problems, incompatibilies incompatibilities, and complexities. I mean, how else can they justify saying that they have over 32,000 titles? If this is indeed what it will be, then it will revolutionize the world about as much as the oqo. In short: All hype, no product.

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