Crystalline Lake

Driving to work along Lakeshore this yesterday morning, I saw one of the more interesting sights I’ve seen in a long time. No, I’m not talking about that giant wind turbine at The Ex. Even though it did catch me off guard on Tuesday, as the bloody thing sprung up out of nowhere. No. The sight was the lake. That cesspool known as Lake Ontario.

The sky was frigidly clear. The only exception was a massive wall of lake-effect cloud to the south. Lake Ontario was more solid than usual, iced up and frozen. The sun was still low, and its light was shining upon the crystalline lake — causing it so sparkle. The warmth of the sun’s rays was just strong enough to melt the ice ever so slightly; warm enough to create a low lying mist. The weak wind gently brushed the fog, making it swirl and dance. It was a scene straight out of a fantasy movie. And if it weren’t for that massive wind turbine, I would have been convinced that I was in that movie. Fuck. I wish I had my camera.

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