Port 1434

When a worm spreads around the Internet, taking down Microsoft products (SQL Server, this time): I shrug. When it goes and takes down Microsoft’s own Windows XP Activation database: I chuckle. When it almost literally takes down all of Korea’s internet access (along with other Asian areas): I think, “alright, less spam.” However, when the same worm takes down bank networks, causing Interac (and ABMs) to stop working*, which, in turn, delays some bozo in line in front of me at the store: I get highly annoyed. Of all the systems around, I’d imagine that those belonging to banks would be some of the most secure. Guess not. Somebody get CIBC a Circle of Protection: Internet.

* The bank in question was CIBC (not my bank — and here’s a good reason as to why not.) Although I have not seen any confirmation that they have been hit by this, I have seen that Bank of America ABMs were shut down momentarily. They were down at about the same time, so it’s safe to assume that CIBC fell prey to the same thing. Ipso fatso.

Anyway, internet vulnerabilities aside, the reason I was waiting in line at the store was to *drum-roll* pre-order The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. So I go out to harmlessly, and cheaply, pre-order this much anticipated game — and I come home with four titles for the collection. Must. Control. Urges.

Of interest, though, are the following two titles: the psychedelic Rez for the PS2; and the very deep, but under appreciated, mech strategy game Carnage Heart for the Playstation. More on these later.

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