Why do we keep the things that we keep? I’m not talking about the CD collection, or all those old books and games and movies — I’m talking about that stuff that you hide in some obscure place only to rediscover when you’re moving. And even then, you never throw any of it away. You take it with you, only to hide it in some hidden hole for another ten years.

While packing over the last week, I’ve found a lot of this kind of stuff. There were some long lost gems in there too, like: my old hockey cards (including a Steve Yzerman rookie card); Babylon 5 and Star Wars CCG cards (yes, this would make me a nerd. My Magic: The Gathering cards have long since been sold, though); and some NES and T-16 booklets and cartridges/cards. These things have some value. Even if it’s of the nostalgic kind.

No. The stuff I’m talking about is the useless crap with no value whatsoever (or, at the least, very little of it): score cards from Laser Quest, Battletech, and Q-Zar going back to grade 8; basically every magazine I have ever owned, including about five years of EGM and some “Nintendo Power Flash“es from 1988; a couple old newspapers from when the Blue Jays won the World Series; a multitude of notes, assignments, and essays extending from University to grade school (why I’ve kept these things, I don’t know); and various other broken, incomplete, or useless trinkets.

And what do I do with all these dust covered objects? Why, I pack them up and take them with me!

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