Maybe I’m just noticing it more, but it seems as though there is a (very) slight resurgence of the old-school shooter genre. There was Contra Shattered Soldier a couple months ago — a game firmly grounded in its roots, perhaps too much for its own good. Ikaruga, the highly praised Dreamcast import, is finally coming to this side of the Pacific for the GameCube. And now Gradius V has just been announced (the original was one of my favourite NES games of all-time.)

It’s sad to realize that such great games are now considered niche titles; but at the same time, it’s good to know that there are still companies catering to this smaller segment of gamers. A segment that doesn’t want to have the unnecessary fluff that comes with having a story, unwanted exploration, boring stealth, complex multi-button controls, or any long-winded questing. No. Just straight-up destruction and self-preservation. Kill or be killed. Twitch, explode, and unwind. The hallmarks of a classic shooter.

Addendum: A part of me is upset that Battlefield 1942 was cancelled for the XBox. It’s the whiny “I wish I had a better PC to play those PC only games” part. Seeing as I don’t have a decent PC for games, I was looking forward to the XBox port being my only means of playing it. Oh well.

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