The rumours of my demise…

With all that’s been going on, my three amigos haven’t been seeing much action lately. I’ve been slowly trudging through “Splinter Cell“, which isn’t leaving me remotely as impressed as all the raving reviewers led me to believe it would; I finished “Metroid Prime” a while ago at 98% completion. It was absolutely great. Good enough to get me to replay it in Hard mode. Today marks the release of my second most anticipated title of the last year (the first being Prime): Panzer Dragoon Orta.

I don’t think I’ve touched the PS2 in over a month. Sad.

There’s a fourteen page preview of Zelda: The Wind Waker over at Don’t let the 14 pages scare you off, as most of them consist of only one short paragraph (I’ll spare you my ranting about such page organization.) It’s annoying to realize that this game is still more than two months away.

A couple more weblogs about games, game culture, and the academic study of games: ludologica and Games * Design * Art * Culture. All this ludology might lead to ludism.

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