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I have seen the future, and it is talking cars. No. None of that flying shit that we’ve been expecting since the fifties. Flying is so passe; talking is where it’s at. Because, when your suburban minivan is backing out of a mall parking spot, you need to announce to everyone in hearing distance that you are backing out. Those lights that indicate that a vehicle is in reverse just aren’t enough. What is really needed is an annoying female voice repeating “this car is backing up” ad nauseam. That is the future.

This is the present. I find it very appropriate that they used a short bus for this “enhancement.”

Here’s a weblog focusing on, primarily, Flash based games. It might be more interesting given some time, as the majority of the current crop of links point to relatively old sites. Then again, that might be my own familiarity with the subject matter showing through. I have a number of issues regarding Flash based games (not of the shallow ego stroking variety though, as I do have experience creating and *duh* playing production level Flash games), but I don’t care to get into them here and now. Regardless, this Powerpuff girls snowboarding game (which is new to me) is pretty well done.

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