Shmup Spawn

Much like Gamespot’s Ricardo Torres, the anticipation for Ikaruga and the joy of Panzer Dragoon Orta has inspired me to seek out more shooter action. Especially of the old school variety. Looking at the game selection at a couple of local stores, I came to the realization that this genre is so under-represented, it’s sad. And it’s not like there aren’t any such titles out there; there are a few. It’s just that they target such a niche market, there just isn’t enough of them. They become quite rare, quite fast.

Not to be discouraged, I turned to the only place I could: eBay. Yes, I have succumbed to that wasteland of bargains and rip-offs. While I did start innocently enough, looking for a couple shooters (got some Gradius‘ and R-Types coming my way), I soon began craving a bigger fix. Started looking for something better, stronger, more collectible. I think these may be the dawning days before becoming a game collector — it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I’ve always been too poor/cheap to bother. Apparently, I’m not so cheap anymore; but I will soon be poor again.

Coincidentally, the one thing that I did realize is: while I do have a fascination for all 8-bit+ consoles, I have a greater interest in all the portable systems. The list: GameBoy (Color/Pocket/Advance/SP), SEGA GameGear, Atari Lynx, NEC Turbo Express Portable, Neo Geo Pocket (Color), and Bandai’s Wonderswan (Color)*. I figure that it’s a smaller market, with fewer systems to cover, so it might be an easier way to get my feet wet in this collecting thing. It certainly will be a lot cheaper than going after a Neo Geo (and the Neo Geo CD), a Jaguar (and the Jaguar CD), a Genesis (and the Genesis CD), and a PC-Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 (and the Turbo Duo CD.) Man, looking back now… that whole CD attachment thing really took off in the mid-90s.

* The Virtual Boy could be on that list too, but its portability is questionable.

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