Sleepless in Mississauga

Whatever is bringing me down, is keeping me up. I’ve been having trouble sleeping this whole month. At this rate, I’ll be likely to collapse from fatigue in places I’d rather not collape in. Sleep is a scarce resource around these parts. Hopefully, reading Mastering Regular Expressions will help me fall asleep. It looks awfully boring, but it is a skill that I need for a current project.

On the plus side, when sleep seems impossible — the internet is ever present to occupy you in the latest of hours. One of those late night distractions has been Globulos: a really well made multi-user Flash game. It has a very simple game premise (and engine/execution), but that’s the whole charm of it, and precisely why it is fun to play. Currently, I’m trying to get myself to a winning record. This is harder than it seems, as fuckwits tend to disconnect just before they lose a match. Fuckers.

Also worth checking out: Python fan-fiction. Truly written by an uber nerd.

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