Civil Engineering

Having made two “Pixel Town” blocks — a factory, and a (time-consuming) hotel — I had an urge to revisit SimCity. The SNES version, naturally. I had to clean the dust off of the cartridge, but after all these years I’m proud to say that the Megalopolis of Freedom is still going strong. The city of, ahem, KINGMIKE is doing well too.

The visit, however, didn’t satisfy my civil engineering needs. Naturally, I picked up SimCity 3000 Unlimited for a reasonable $30CDN. I wish I could have grabbed SimCity 4, but my poor little laptop might choke on its system requirements. It might be a generation back, but it’s good enough for me.

It’s now time to create a Utopian society… and then screw it over with a multitude of earthquakes, floods, fires, and all sorts of Biblical cataclysms. Oh yes, destruction is fun.

I also managed to find a brand new copy of Gradius Galaxies for the GameBoy Advance, so now I can get me Vic Viper fix. It took a trip to a lousy flea market, but it was worth it: it’s not the easiest game to find, especially new (being discontinued and all). It is a game perfectly suited for the GBA‘s portability, as opposed to, say, Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. Tactics Ogre is a really good game, but 20-30 minute long battles tend to be more of an “at home” distraction, than an “on the train” distraction. It is a title that I definitely will attempt to complete once the GameCube GameBoy Player is released.

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