I’ve had a GameCube for well over a year now, and in that time I’ve had it freeze up a total of three times. I figure that for such a complex piece of hardware that’s a reasonable percentage. It’s surely less problematic than a Playstation 2 or XBox; and exponentially less so than a Nintendo. Then again, no console has been as bad as that.

The first two times happened during Metroid Prime. Both of those freezes were during unimportant periods of the game, when I was exploring and searching for upgrades. One crash was the apparently not-too-uncommon Chozo elevator freeze, and the other was a slightly more rare some other elevator freeze. Can’t remember which one. Not that it matters. Nothing was lost except for a few minutes of game time. No big deal.

The latest crash, hitting The Wind Waker, proves that the third time’s the charm. Ninety percent of Zelda’s gameplay revolves around exploration: going from point A to point B, so that you can get a map directing you to point C, where you can get item D. More or less, that’s the whole game (I know that doesn’t sound very appealing, but it’s good!) The odds would be in favour of a crash happening during such a moment. A moment where, like in Metroid Prime, the greatest loss might be an unnecessary item and some time. An inconvenience rather than a frustration.

The odds were against me, I tell you. It was a very cruel trick to play. For of all the possible moments where The Wind Waker could have crashed, it just happened to choose the final battle! ARGG. I was about to throw the damned Cube across the room. Everything was building up to that moment, and right at the climax… bzzzzzzzzz. CRASH. sigh.

The couple minutes that I did manage to play during that final confrontation were rather cool, though that’s not much of a consolation.

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