Missile Laser Option Shield

Soulfire — a CG Animated TV series — looks interesting. It doesn’t look nearly as good as Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, but I would assume that they don’t have even a tenth of the budget that Square had.

I never played the original Zone of the Enders, but The Second Runner is making me regret it. Excluding Metroid Prime, I haven’t been this engrossed by a game in a long while. ZOE2, being a Kojima game, will no doubt have all those big convoluted stories and character revelations that he’s now known for. There’s going to be plenty of long cut-scenes (with some nice anime mixed in) and loads of character to character chit-chat (with the occasional really cheesy writing and execution). Whatever. I’m not far enough into the game to comment on the story. I don’t really care. Why? Well, it doesn’t matter because the action sequences between those long dialogues are pure high-adrenaline-super-fast-mech-combat fun. Hell, you even get to battle the Vic Viper! It just doesn’t get much better than that.

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