Moveable Type tweaks

Being a lazy person, I like the little buttons above Movable Type’s main text box. They save me about five seconds worth of typing! I don’t have to manually type <b>bold</b> anymore; I just select what I want to boldify, hit the little B button, and continue on. There’s two small problems. Firstly: <b>, <i>, and <u> are deprecated. Secondly: a number of other, more semantically correct tags are missing.

Naturally, I opened up the MT template file and very quickly hacked together a solution. If anyone cares, here’s the updated template file (it goes into your mt/tmpl/cms/ directory).

What the new MT buttons look like.
What the new MT buttons look like.

I’ll try to do something more proper for it another time, like, for example, getting those buttons to work in Mozilla (something that now can be done! yay). Additionally, I’ve update a couple things here and there… mostly on the archives page. The search might be useful to those that want to find contradictions with the past things I’ve said. There’s a couple of you out there, and I’m sure you’d all revel in making me eat my words.

Or, the search can be used to see just how many times I have mentioned “Metroid” and/or “Zelda.” At last count, it’s nine and ten times, respectively.

Better make that ten and eleven.

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