On The Radar

While I wait, impatiently clutching my pre-order receipt for Zelda, I want to stay as far away from any new games as possible(especially RPGs). Once Zelda hits, everything else is going to be thrown onto the wayside, and I don’t want to be stuck with any more half-finished games. I have enough of those already. As an alternative, I’ve been looking for some new music again. Listening to the same stuff for months tends to get stale mighty quick.

Music on the radar: Massive Attack’s new album, “100th Window,” is very good compared to most music out there, but not quite as good compared to previous MA releases; Tarmvred is a newish harsher experimental / rhythmic noise / whatever act out of Sweden that makes my ears happy (and it’s not as cliched as others in the genre); speaking of harsh, the new Synapscape album, Raw (a collection of unreleased and compilation tracks, so it’s not really a full-on “album”), has a few definite winners; Out Hud (by suggestion) is different, unique, and plusgood. How could you not like them when they have tracks titled “Dad, There’s a Phrase Called ‘Too Much Information'” and “The L Train is a Swell Train and I Don’t Want to Hear You Indies Complain;” and, finally, Ministry’s Animositosim– Animositaso– er, their new album– I’ll leave it marked as “undecided” for now.

Now, the trick is finding a place that sells these albums. Yes, “try before you buy” is a common adage around these parts.

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