03 distress signal

Watch out for that whiplash. At 4am, certain songs can get you from zero to depression in about two seconds. When hit hard, a varied mp3 collection is key. Counter the sad song with a menacingly evil track; respond to the happy song (which depresses more than the sad one) with some angry, broken beats; strike back at the cheesy 80s new wave with lurking dark ambience. Balance is the key.

Lately, I have been on a video game music bender (dork!) The usual stuff, mostly: the orchestrated versions of various Final Fantasy, Zelda, and other 16-bit tunes; the rock band or jazz band covers of NES classics; and a modern game soundtrack mix consisting of choice picks from the Metal Gear Solid series and the Medal of Honor series, amongst others. The one standout, however, has been the Metroid Prime soundtrack. Listening to it makes me want to play the game once again: there are a scant few soundtracks, game or otherwise, that can achieve that. It really is a solid score that sets the mood and atmosphere perfectly.

The thing is, this nerd music has unsettled the delicate balance that I had going. Previously, everything was tuned: I had Ministry to counter Portishead and Koop to counter Synapscape. Now, I’m not so sure. How do I counter Kenji Yamamoto? Or Yasunori Mitsuda? Or Nobuo Uematsu? Or Koji Kondo?

To make matters worse, I also can’t get the damned Zelda melody out of my head. It’s been there for over a week now. I’ll be walking down a street in downtown Toronto, and all of a sudden I’d start whistling it. This geekdom is driving me straight towards the brick wall of insanity; the whiplash is inevitable.

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