Enter the Derivatives

What do you get when you mix The Matrix with Blade? Underworld. I was tempted to answer that question with “a shitty movie,” but that’s implied. Now, I’m not a big Matrix fan, but I will probably see it regardless. So while I will “Enter The Matrix”, I doubt that I will “Enter The Underworld.” How generic and derivative can you get?

While I’m knocking generic special-effects laden action flicks, it’s worth saying once more that Terminator 3 looks absolutely atrocious. It’s a shame, because for the type of film that it was, T2 was truly great and revolutionary. This looks to be a weak version of T2 with a geriatric Terminator mixed with gratuitous Terminette spandex T&A. Weak indeed.

Prove me wrong, though. Prove me wrong.

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