Let’s review

I mentioned my first round picks here, but they can also be found at Sportsfilter with short explanations (my reasoning was lacking here).

Sens in 5: perfect. Devils in 5: perfect. Stars in 5: took them six games, so half-right; ‘Nucks in 6: they won in 7, half-right again; Caps in 6: even though they went ahead 2-0, they blew it; Wings in 7; Avs in 6: way off; Leafs in 7: well, it did go to a game seven. It practically went to game nine. Unfortunately, the Leafs only showed up for six of those games. It’s disappointing, I guess, but we took the (arguably) best team in the East to the limit.

Of the teams left, the only ones worth cheering for are Vancouver, Anaheim, and Minnesota. I can’t believe that I’m cheering for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, but I do like their team and the acquisitions they made this year. Thomas has been great for them. They were my pick for dark horse team of the playoffs (ignore my Lightning comment).

Overall, my first round picks were 8 for 16. At least I pass.

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