Mobile Light Force 2

“Americanization” is a dirty word. Not in any global-political way, nor through any cultural and language saturation (though one could strongly make that argument); but, more importantly, it’s dirty when it comes to import releases of Japanese games.

The recently released Mobile Light Force 2 is a perfect example. MLF2 is actually Shikigami no Shiro. The original game art was something along these lines. The Americanized packaging has this absolutely hideous babes-with-guns explosion fest that has absolutely nothing to do with the game. Additionally, there seems to be an American desire to add really, really bad voice samples when anything, even silence, would be less irritating. Furthermore, the name is wrong: Mobile Light Force 2 is, I guess, a “sequel” — the thing is, MLF1 is a port of a completely different game (Gunbird 2) made by a completely different company. The two are unrelated in every single way (other than genre), yet are somehow tied together for domestic release. Lame.

Issues aside, the game was released here (although in a bastardized form) and that alone is worth commending. Plus the price can’t be beat, since it’s sold as a budget title. MLF2 is a good shooter with enough variety to keep you entertained for a while; it’s damned hard to boot [this is good]. If you can find it and if you like the genre, it is worth picking up.

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